Educator of the Year
Parker Rotary Club is happy to show our appreciation and support to our local teachers.  Each year, Parker Rotary Club holds a ballot, voted on by the peers and co-workers of the teachers, for the Teacher of the Year for the five schools located in Parker, AZ.  The five winning Teachers of the Year are the interviewed by a committee and the PUSD #27 Educator of the Year is announced.  Along with the title of Teacher of the Year, each of the five teachers receive a small donation from Parker Rotary for use of their discretion towards classroom supplies and a gift. 
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The Parker Rotary Club is delighted to unveil the recipients of the Teacher of the Year award. We hold our educators in high regard, recognizing the unwavering dedication they exhibit towards nurturing our youth. We deeply appreciate the tireless efforts, time investments, and the formidable challenges they confront daily. From each school, a distinguished teacher has been nominated as the representative winner, each receiving a $150 check to utilize as they deem fit, alongside a plaque and a charcuterie board. Subsequently, these five exceptional educators are nominated for the prestigious title of Overall Educator of the Year winning an additional $250.
Blake Primary School – Reinalyn Asencio
Wallace Elementary School – Kariza Lapining
Wallace Jr High School – Jeferson Omadley
Parker High School – Larissa Hansen
Le Pera School – Sheri Boone
Parker Unified School District Educator of the Year - Larissa Hansen
Congratulations to the following teachers for being voted by their co-workers as their school's Teacher of the Year for 2023.
Congratulations to J-Ann Lasola from Wallace Elementary as the PUSD#27 Educator of the Year 2023.