Parker Rotary Club's Incoming Foreign Exchange Student:

Hi, I’m Margaux Lorenzoni. I’m 18 years old and I’m on exchange in Parker

this year thanks to the Parker Rotary Club. I’m from Belgium and specifically

from the District 1620 and the Courcelles 2000 Rotary Club. In Belgium, I have

a brother and we live in the South which is the French part of the country. I’m now in my

first host family, the Croteau‘s but I will move soon to my second family, the Perez’s

where I will have a sister. I also have a third host family which is the... Flores.

I arrived on July 21st and so it’s been almost three months I live in Parker. I had

a lot of good times on the river and I learned how to wake board, slalom ski and surf.

I really enjoy doing all those sports on the river ! I started school on August 2nd

and I have Algebra, Spanish, Choir and English and I like all my classes.

If you have any question about me or my country, send me a message via my Facebook !