What is it like to go from Parker, Arizona USA to Zielonki, Poland? 
What is it like to live in someone else's home and be treated like one of their children? What do the "best perogies" in Poland taste like?  Is she speaking Polish or French?  -  Check out Dallas' blog and find out!!


 ...  "That night we went and had "the best pierogis in Mazury" at least that was what Pawel claimed. They were very good, but honestly almost all pierogis are starting to taste the same, all of them are just very good. And them we got to the two cabins that we would be staying in. The first thing they did was ask two of the biggest guys to help move a couch bed upstairs, so me and a Brazilian, Iuri, headed over to the girls' cabins to help. After breaking the couch bed and figuring out that there was no way for it to fit through the door leading upstairs, we kind of left the broken bed where it wouldn't cause too much problems and someone could still sleep on it. Then we got back to our cabin and had last choice of best for our troubles. I ended up sleeping in the living room on the boys' couch bed, which wasn't the most warm or comfortable place to be. After all this they told us that we could have a little party and left us to do our own thing. We all went to sleep at about three in the morning and got up at 7 the next day." ...

Dallas Wells is our local Parker student who has been sent to Zielonki Poland as a foreign exchange student.